January 4, 2019

I've been telling people (fellow Filipinos and Filipinas who are also into Tarot reading and cartomancy) that I tend to acquire / buy my decks overseas (online) primarily because we have very limited resources here. It could be quite frustrating actually due to the fact that I have to wait 1-3 grueling months to get it shipped - not to mention the *le sigh* shipping fees and customs taxes that I have to go through. *le sigh again*

Here is a list of (some not yet released and some I'm working on to have a budget - lol) decks that I'm excited to get my hands on hopefully this 2019.

1. True Black Tarot by Arthur Wang - I've mentioned this deck last year and still awaiting it's arrival feverishly. ETA has been moved since there was a typo on one of the cards and the reprinting has been rescheduled.

UPDATE: Finally received my True Black Tarot! Check here for the review.

The deck is available for pre-order on their website for $75. It's expected to be released by the end of 2018.

Photo Credit: Arthur Wang

2. Chris Anne's Light Seer's Tarot & Tarot of the Muse Decks - I've mentioned this deck last year and still awaiting it's arrival. Chris-Anne is working on it and posting updates religiously on her Instagram  which is why I'm getting excited even more.

Photos seen above are compiled.

Photo Credit: Chris-Anne

3. Fairy Tale Tarot by Yoshi Yoshitani - I've mentioned this deck last year and still awaiting it's arrival feverishly. To get things done faster, let's support Yoshi on Patreon.

Photo Credit: Yoshi Yoshitani

4. The Dreamers Arcana - I know that it's a Major Arcana only deck but dang I love the artwork! 

Photo Credit: The Dreamer's Arcana

I hope you enjoyed my (growing) wishlist. Are you looking to buy any of these too? What's on your shopping list? Do share and comment yours below - I'd like to know more upcoming decks and maybe get to add it on my wishlist hahaha!

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