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May 5, 2018

Coffee Time With Practical Magic

I have been admiring Chinggay for quite sometime now - that is why I am so excited to have coffee with her. Her blog and Instagram account are such eye candies filled with meaningful life lessons and self-empowerment! If it were not because of her awesome PM Tarot deck - I wouldn't have the courage to invite her over coffee actually. I needed an excuse to meet her (so that she wouldn't think I am actually Insta-stalking her) - lol. I wanted to know more about her and of course, it's just so lovely to be able to connect with a fellow Tarot Reader in real life.

Coffee Time With Practical Magic

We connected over coffee.

Where else would Tarot Readers meet? She already have a cup of coffee in her hand when I saw her - I was 5-10 mins late actually. Funnily enough, since we both do not post selfies much we actually didn't know what each other look like. (Chinggay, if you're reading this, I assumed that we both have to search each other's website's About page to get a glimpse of what we both look like - lol!) But the moment I walked in the cafe, I knew that the person seating in the middle was her already but had to call her just to make sure.


I was giddy (inside) and was trying to sound cool as we talked about lots of stuff. From how did we start, to what made us decide to pursue this path, funny and weird experiences we have with our clients, opinions about how society see us and anything under the sun. Of course, I did ask about her PM deck otherwise she might think everything was a ploy to get her to meet me (insert evil laugh). 

Coffee Time With Practical Magic

Look at how adorbs she is.

"Everything was falling into place.", she mused. 


It was amazing that she was able to do these things all at once. She was able to balance life, work and her deck creation in such a short span of time. I admitted that I am still struggling to balance my adulting woes and finish my deck but alas - a year has passed and I still haven't started with my Minors. She has so much going on with her that she actually forgot she was doing her own deck. Everything was indeed falling into place -  in it's own universal divine time. And we both agreed that you cannot force these things to just happen. It will.

I had so much fun getting to know her and having coffee with her. I just hope that I was not creepy when I asked questions or felt 'too close'. I'm really shy but tend to be 'passionate' when I speak. I thought of writing questions down on a piece of paper but felt it was too formal, so I didn't. I wanted to just have a nice chat and coffee time with her like two friends having coffee and chatting.

Here are things I found out about her:

1. She has a calm aura. 

2. She's shy and adorable.

3. She's free spirited (I say this because she's not chained to a 8-5pm work schedule - like the rest of us. T_T)

4. She has so many ganap / events so be sure to check out her site to know where she's at.

5. Amusingly, she loves the color green but her deck has more pink in it.

By the way, we were so engrossed with our coffee time together that I forgot to take enough photos for this blog. Well, I don't really have a mind for selfies so I guess it's natural that I do not have photos of me. So before I end this blog, I'd like to remind you to get your PM Deck here.


P.S. If you're still undecided to get the PM Deck, I have posted a review here. Don't forget to check it out!

- The Whimsical Arcane -

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