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July 8, 2017

I've written previously about some ideas on what to do on the first ever International Tarot Day and I've decided to offer a 20% OFF on my Tarot Reading services and join 78 Tarot bloggers all around the world to celebrate this awesome day by doing this BLOG HOP. 

And I'm writing about the King Of Cups.

When I was doing my Tarot Certification, one of the activities I did was to connect with the Court cards

Dammit, she's good at doing the Ribbon Spread! 

Penny Dreadful aired it's pilot episode last April 2014 (I'm late, I live in a cave under a rock, I know). It surprised me to see that Vanessa Ives use Tarot cards - keyword: accurately. I had fun automatically reciting what the cards mean when she flips them over and it was, I kid you not, accurate in real life and on the series' storyline. 

Penny Dreadful is another horror, psychological thriller, supernatural, adult drama series with a very dark theme and disturbing scenes that occasionally has jump scares - this series is not for the faint of heart. Not my cup of tea really, it's close to home, you see. I'll admit if it were not for Eva Green, I would have never pushed the play button on the remote. 

Season 1 Ep 1 - Vanessa Ives asks Ethan Chandler to pick a card. 
Season 1 Ep 8 - Dorian Gray asks Vanessa Ives to read his future. 
Season 2 Ep 3 - This is where Vanessa was taught how to use the Tarot by her mentor. 

Vanessa Ives said the same lines her mentor told her about picking out cards to Ethan Chandler.

By the way, the Penny Dreadful Tarot cards used are real and you can find reviews on Youtube.

If you're curious about the series, watch and proceed with caution. 

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