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October 18, 2016

If you're a beginner, make it a habit to cleanse your deck every full moon. The Full Moon is filled with positive, feminine and creative energy that your deck will thank you for when you bathe them in the moonlight.


Why is it important to cleanse your deck?

For obvious reason, to clear and cleanse your tarot deck from all the negative energies it had absorbed from your querents. The full moon helps re-energize your deck so that it will then be filled with positive energies. Think of it as your deck's monthly dose of vitamins.

What you need:

  • An altar or a small table

  • White candle/s

  • Sage stick or incense

  • Your crystals (energy boosters)

  • Your deck/s

  • A full moon

I was actually having hard time looking for a sage stick but I happen to find a sage candle - thanks to Alice Blue. (Self high-fiving right now!) They have Oak Moss & Sage. That's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone - as far as idioms are concerned.

Here's how I do my Full Moon Bath Ritual:

1. I place my Victorian Fairy Deck on my altar (it's a small clean table). I spread the cards so that they could all get the full moon's energy equally. Your deck should directly face the full moon. If this is not structurally possible and if the weather is not permitting it, place them near your window sill.

2. I then lit my candle (if you have your sage stick or incense light them up as well) and imagine the smoke rising are all the negative energies dissipating from my deck.

3. After a few minutes, I then say a little enchantment spell - it's a little thank you and a welcoming message. If you don't know any enchantment spells, you may also do use this (by Arcane Mysteries):

"By full moon beam
my deck is charged,
As lunar flows
in each of my cards."

4. After 15 minutes, I blew my candle out and let my deck bathe over night.

5. Go the extra mile. I usually do a full moon spread and read for myself.

Here's how they look when the light's on.

Here's how they look when the light's off.

By the way, each month represents a different type of full moon so take it to your advantage as to what type of full moon ritual you will be doing. This month was a Hunter's Moon. I added flower petals on my full moon ritual since 'nature is particularly cooperative around the time of the autumn equinox to make the fall full moonrises unique.' 

Next one's the Beaver Moon and is also a Supermoon. Comment and share below on how you do your Full Moon Bath Rituals. 

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