July 30, 2015

When I was in college I happen to stumble upon a Tarot book at my local bookstore, got interested and bought it. But back then I wasn't able to buy any tarot cards or deck. It was during our last company outing (2 weeks ago) that it got me hooked again. I asked my friend who brought tarot cards with her to do me a reading - it was my first and it was awesomely accurate and I decided to get my own.


I went to the bookstore again and it took me a while before I found what I was looking for. I was imagining to get the same deck like my friend had but I got a rather different one. It's the Victorian Fairy Tarot and it felt like the deck was meant for me. 

Yes, I know I should've bought the Rider-Waite Traditional Tarot Deck but like I said, the Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck called to me and since I was first introduced with Tarot, the Rider-Waite seems elusive to me as up until now, the deck does not come my way - (usually out of stock).

There are lot of misconceptions about Tarot Reading, I think primarily because of how the deck normally looks like which usually adds to the querent's agitation. The Tarot is made up of 78 cards (22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcara cards). 

Here is a list of things I learned about Tarot Reading:

1. Each Tarot deck has its own personality and unique point of view which is why I love interviewing a new deck before I use it.

2. Tarot ignited a fire in me that lead to a life long passion I never knew I had.

3. Never do a reading (especially for yourself) when you are highly romantic.

4. Every card tells a story.

5. Always remain curious and keep learning. Bonding with each card is important.

6. Tarot is and always will be powerful, transformative and a healing tool. Be responsible on how you use it.

Like any beginner, it is really satisfying when my querents tells me that everything that I have read for them are accurate especially when I don't know personally who the querent is. 

Fun Facts:

1. TAROT is pronounced with a silent T at the end, it rhymes with sparrow.

2. QUERENT means "one who seeks" is derived, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, from the Latin quærēns "seeker," the present participle of quærere "to seek, gain, ask."

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