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35 cards of Mythos and Astrologia

Mythos Astrologia Deck comes from the late Latin mȳthos which means myth and astrologia for astrology.

It is an astrology oracle deck that features the Greek Pantheon.


The deck features 32 Greek deities divided into 3 categories: Luminaries (2), Planets (8) and Asteroids (22). + 3 Card Prompts. Each Greek deity represents a certain astrological association which can help you learn basic astrology and each card features a conversation starter prompt which is the main purpose of the deck. 

Use this deck to have a conversation with your Favourite Greek deities, understand their character traits and explore the heavens. 

a digital

Comes with a 100-paged (estimated)* fully illustrated guidebook in portable document format or PDF. The  guidebook includes card description, astrology basics and spreads! 

*Guidebook is still in the works because I just can't stop adding things here and there. The plan is to finish it the same time Midnight Madness Tarot deck is launched. If not, well, that's the beauty of having a digital guidebook - you can download anytime!


International Edition

This deck is printed via print-on-demand which means it will be printed, produced and shipped directly from printer. This option has been made available for international folks who are looking for affordable shipping rate.

These 35 cards are printed on high quality card stock (300 gsm) with a smooth semi-matte finish and housed in a beautifully designed box with base and lid.


Please bear in mind that the quality of the deck is different from the Philippine Edition.

Card Size: 2.48"x3.46" (63×88mm)

(Note: In the rare occasion of a deck malfunction or any other production issues, please directly contact the printer.)

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