September 20, 2017

It is the time of the year where the fields are nearly bare because the crops have been reaped and stored for the coming winter. Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, this is also the time of the year where there is equal amount of day and night. In this particular time, we celebrate the balance between the light and dark, the gifts we received from the earth and the acceptance of the soil that is dying (in preparation for winter). Here are some ideas to practice your spellworks.



A Tarot deck 

White Candles


Autumn colors (for decoration) 

A Tarot Journal 



1. Set up your Mabon altar with the tools mentioned above. Be creative! 

2. Cleanse your sacred space. 

3. Light up your candles. 

4. Enter your Mabon Magical soul and set the spell's intention for gratitude for both material and spiritual. 

5. Cast this spell. 


While dark and light dance around,

I touch the Earth to help me ground.

Soothe the storm that rages within me,

Fill my heart with calm and serenity.

6. Shuffle your Tarot deck and use the Mabon Spread below. 

7. Meditate on the results. Take your time. 
8. Write everything you saw, hear, and feel when you cast the spell on your journal. 
9. When you are done, ground and disconnect by blowing out the candle. 

Creative Tip: Make a refreshing apple shake or bake an apple pie after completing the spell. *wink*

I hope you guys had fun! I'd love to see how the spell goes so do tag me when you post your results on Instagram or Twitter.

- The Whimsical Arcane -

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