January 11, 2018

A few blog posts ago, I shared some of my favourite Modern Tarot Essentials and now I'm going to share with you some of my favourite divination tools. Divination tools are spiritual objects used by esoteric practitioners, seekers, healers and awakened souls to help them with their practice. I am not saying it is a requirement to have these tools but it's nice to have one that resonates with you and with your practice.


Unlike most people in the Tarot / spiritual community who have massive arsenal of crystals, awesome altars and the works, I tend to have a minimalist and practical approach on mine. Let me share with you my current favorite essentials and how I make things work (managing the spiritual biz and finding time for my self-care) without thoroughly breaking my wallet.

1. Smudge Sprays and Crystal Sprays - What I like crystal sprays is that they are a quick way to cleanse and shift energies. I prefer these over burning Sages or Palo Santos because you can't just burn things when you're outside. Just a few spritz here and there and everything just feels a lot better. If you're wondering where to get them, I recently launched Crystal Sacred Essences on my shop and it's one of my many best selling products.

Crystal Sacred Essences by Aurora Night Crystals

2. Crystal Healing Jewellery - Truth be told, I was never a fan of accessorising and was always just a plain Jane. So when I started my practice I know for a fact that I need protection and resonated with crystals. Now I never go out without my Crystal Bracelets and Crystal Amulets. Either for protection or even aiding in manifestations, each piece serves a purpose.

The deck is available for pre-order on Amazon now for $24.95. It's expected to be released by the end of 2017.

3. Crystal Candles - I love burning candles during my Reiki meditation and to connect with my spirit guides. It's part of my ritual and sacred space setting. If you're looking for environment-friendly Crystal Candles, you might want to check out the shop.

I don't do well with burning sage that's why I use Selenite Crystal Candle for space and aura cleansing.

This candle has real Sage leaves in it.

4. Herbs and Teas - Aside from having a coffee addiction I am also obsessed with herbs and teas. I used them for my potion making and or for my regular afternoon mindfulness tea session. I am currently trying to level up my apothecary collection game. You can check out some of our herbs and teas here:

I drink this natural concoction of turmeric, herbs and spices to relieve stress, sore throats, joints and my other physical ailments.

5. Magick Altar - There should always be a space for you where you work your magick. It doesn't have to be grand, sometimes a humble coffee table will do. 

6. Tarot Pouches - There are some decks that have huge boxes that comes with it and does nothing but break your back when you decided to bring your deck with you when you go out. So enter Tarot bags, pouches and clutches! I only get mine from the talented Moonlit Faye, she is a magickal seamstress who sews and designs practical Tarot bags. Check her shop here.

I always get a lot of good feedback about my business card. People seem to be quite smitten on how it looks.

7. Pendulums - I always have my trusty Clear Quartz pendulum with me to answer quick YES or NO questions.

Deck featured above is not a Tarot deck but rather a Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

8. Grimoire / Book of Shadows - You can write a lot of things in here, from spells, downloaded messages, your practices, your Tarot journey, potion recipes, anything!

Deck featured above is not a Tarot deck but rather a Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

9. Spiritual Books - I specifically love these because it's like a quick charger and cleanser of my crystals. I own a lot of crystals jewellery and this is where I place them when not in use.

Deck featured above is not a Tarot deck but rather a Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

9. Divination Cloths - There are lots of types of divination cloths mostly used for card-based divination sessions. I do have a special one which is my Chakra Meditation Throw (which you can buy on my shop)  I used this obviously for my Reiki sessions and meditation. It creates a good addition to my sacred space.

Deck featured above is not a Tarot deck but rather a Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

What are your Woo Woo Essentials? Share and comment below.

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