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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

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2020 Decks I'm Excited To Get My Hands On

You know the drill... I've been telling people (fellow Filipinos and Filipinas who are also into Tarot reading and cartomancy) that I tend to acquire / buy my decks overseas (online) primarily because we have very limited resources here and also from indie deck creators. It could be quite frustrating actually due to the fact that I have to wait 1-3 gruelling months to get it shipped - not to mention the *le sigh* shipping fees and customs taxes that I have to go through. *le sigh again* Here is a list of (some not yet released and some I'm working on to have a budget - lol) decks that I'm excited to get my hands on hopefully this 2021. 1. Way of the Panda Tarot by @fablesden - Totally regret not getting this on Kickstarter but I still want to get my hands on this. I know I've said before that I don't resonate well with animal themed decks but these pandas are so adorbs and I resonate with Kim. By the way, I do love pandas (dogs and bunnies) irl.

2. New Kabbalistic Tarot Deck Colour Edition by Eugene Vinitski - Yes I know I had the first edition but I just can't stop thinking about this new colour edition. 

3. Divine Feminine Tarot Nocturnal - I see black and gold themed decks, I buy them.

4. The Magnanimous Tarot by @madisolsonart - Here's another indie deck creator that's the daughter of a good friend of mine and her art is so awesome! This is still a deck in progress and can't wait for her to finish it.

5. The Future Ancestor Tarot by Lexa Toledo Villanueva - Really love these earthy tones. Also she's a Filipina. How awesome is that! Go PH!

6. Midnight Madness Tarot - The Midnight Madness Tarot by me (gushes and blushes) is very much fashioned from the Rider-Waite Smith system to be used by anyone who has a love for soul work and shadow work. It is a very intuitive and forthright deck and it is my hope that each card becomes your go-to guides that will deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with your inner self. You can pre-order here.

I hope you enjoyed my (growing) wishlist.

P.S. All photos are not mine (except for Midnight Madness Tarot) and are taken from the creator's website for reference and viewing purposes.

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