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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Fantastic Decks & Where To Find Them

I have been asked multiple times (by my local clients and fellow Filipino / FIlipina Tarot readers) as to where I bought my decks and if I sell them. If you're reading this and you're not from the Philippines I am aware of the confusion that first sentence might have caused. You see, Tarot decks (or any divination decks, tools, etc) are very limited here - so acquiring one especially and indie deck is very... challenging.

While we're lucky to have Fully Booked carry a shelf of varied Tarot Decks every now and then, the choices we have are very limited and  nowhere near as expansive as the ones from the other side of the globe. When you're on a hunt for buying extraordinary-not-mass produced-indie decks but on a budget, you will need to adapt a practical 'when there's a will, there's a way' mindset.

Here is a list of sources on where I bought mine (aside from Fully Booked): 1. Amazon: This site offers discounts and can ship anywhere. 

2. Book Depository: Like Amazon, this site offers discounts, promos and free shipping worldwide.

3. Etsy: Etsy is a cool online store where you can find some indie deck creators.

4. Deck Creator's website. If you're like me who is a sucker and supporter of indie deck creators then I suggest that you check out their website and buy their decks as is.

5. Kickstarter: You can scout this site for indie deck creators that are asking for funding to kick start production of their decks. Prices are usually cheaper when decks are still in starting phases.


1. Maximum waiting time that I had experienced is 3 months - that's because I chose the cheapest shipping option. But on average you can get them in a month.

2. Buy in bulks. Since you'll be waiting for a long time for your decks to arrive, make sure it's worth the wait.

3. That being said you may want to save up to a $100 / Php 5,000 if you're going to order in bulk. Any package amounting more than that price may subject to increase in tax fees.

4. If you know someone going on a vacation on the other part of the world where the deck is being sold then I suggest that you ask this person to buy it for you. It will save you the 1 month waiting time and the cringing shipping fee.

5. Beware of bootlegs! Buy decks from legit shops only.

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