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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Modern Tarot Essential

When a modern Tarot Reader also has a day job (I was Creative Director by the way), managing and balancing your own sched and funds can be tedious, challenging and tricky. I am a practical nut to begin with so anything I plan to buy must have a reasonable justification behind it. No, I don't splurge. I have bills to pay and loads of adulting to do so random shopping and instant gratification are not options. 

Unlike most people in the Tarot / spiritual community who have a massive arsenal of crystals, awesome altars and the works, I tend to have a minimalist and practical approach on mine. Let me share with you my current favourite essentials and how I make things work (managing the spiritual biz and finding time for my self-care) without thoroughly breaking my wallet.

1. Starbucks Planner - I am a coffee addict. So it's only natural that I get to collect stickers and managed to acquire a (sometimes multiple) Starbucks planner for 'free'. I use this planner mainly to plan my next moves in the soul biz, remind myself of my current financial status and write down other adulting stuff. I use MUJI colored pens (a gift from a friend) to write things down. 

All of my things to do, plans, sudden outburst and epiphanies go in here.

2. Tarot Journal - Every Tarot Reader must have a Tarot journal and write down everything - your learnings, your discoveries, your thoughts and feelings - everything! I tend to pick a rather simple looking journal as I hate to ruin a fancy journal with my raw scribbling. Tarot Stickers that I got from Moonlit Faye, colored pens and doodles adds fun with my journaling.

3. Decks - I have to admit that whenever I see people with a massive collection of decks all I feel is envy - lol! Decks where I'm from are very limited so I tend to go to Book Depository, Amazon or to the deck creators' site to shop. Shipping fee isn't cheap and let's not forget about the 3 months minimum waiting game. So whenever I decide to buy a deck, I don't just buy 1, instead, I buy in bulks (usually 4-5 decks) just to save shipping fee, customs tax and also the waiting time.

4. Gadgets - Yep, I became so dependent on my phone that I can't go out without it. I've download so many apps that help me manage my spiritual biz and it also serves as a handy instant Tarot deck (for personal use only, not for client readings). My laptop is used mainly (as far as my spiritual biz is concerned) for updating my website, online academy and editing photos and videos for the blog or deck reviews on my Youtube account.

5. Woo Woo Stuff - Crystals, pendulum, grids, sages, palo santos, candles, reading cloths - yep I have those too but I only tend to buy what I need. It takes a lot of strength to convince myself not to splurge on these mostly because I don't have enough space at home.

6. Business Cards - I always bring some with me anywhere I go. It's in my wallet, in my planner, or even in my bag pockets. 

7. Tea - Always have time for tea.

Deck featured above is not a Tarot deck but rather a Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

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