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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Reasons Why Your Crystals Aren't Working

The number of people turning to crystals and holistic methods are increasing for the past years. Why you may ask? Because we all need inner healing. The world has turned crazier and messier that we all tend to forget the importance of mindfulness and retreat. 

Crystals serves as a tool assisting and allowing us to tap into the vibrational healing frequencies that we are unconsciously seeking in order to improve our lives. As a healer and a Reiki practitioner and master, I often hear people saying their crystals doesn't work anymore or it never did work to begin with. Here are possible reasons why your crystals aren't working properly:

1. YOU BOUGHT / GOT IT FOR THE WRONG REASONS. There are those who bought their crystals because it is the current trend, were forced to buy, bought it just on a whim or asking for a freebie. These are poor reasons to be owning a crystal. Your purpose should be for the highest good, may it be for your healing, for your psychic development or even to start on your soul journey to become a better and a more authentic version of you. If you do not value the crystals or even the simple act of doing soulwork through crystals, you will never learn the value of its healing purposes.

2. YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN & NEGLECTED YOUR CRYSTALS. Your crystals have been collecting dusts on your drawer or you have forgotten to wear your crystals... totally. Crystals need to be tuned and cleansed often. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals: some wash them using running water* or bathe them in the sun* or full moon, some use smudging, some soak them with saltwater, some bury them in the Earth, some use Reiki. It is important to do *research when cleansing crystals for some crystals may not be suitable with your chosen cleansing. For example, Rose Quartz or any type of Quartz tends to fade when exposed to the sun for too long and Selenite may degrade when soaked in water for a long period of time.

3. YOU'RE IMPATIENT. You expect too much from your crystals and have the misconception that by acquiring a crystal, it will automatically give you want you want - right away. Patience is a virtue. As mentioned, crystals are tools for your healing and manifesting. It is up to you to work it out.

How would you know that your crystals are working?

There is a change in you. You are more at peace with yourself and no longer get easily triggered by petty things. You began to manifest your thoughts into realities. You are more accepting now than you were before. You are more happy and contented with your life. Remember, that the first step of healing is knowing that there's a wound. The first step of healing is acceptance and from there you need to decide if you are brave enough to do something about it.

If you wish to start on your soul healing journey with the help of crystals, you may browse through Aurora Night's Crystal Healing Arsenal. Their Crystal Bracelets are designed specifically for your healing needs.

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