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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Thanks to modern age, there is now a convenient way to learn divination, centre yourself on-the-go or even shop for woo woo tools with just a simple touch of a finger. I rounded up digital woo-woo tools available that I enjoy, to serve as a reference guide for you.


Astrology Books

I made a blog post about my recommended astrology books here. Basically, as long as the book is on Amazon, it is most likely available in Kindle format. I personally think that getting the ebook / Kindle format would be a lot helpful with your astrology studies because of its search function. Just type a word or phrase so you can easily find the page of what you are looking for instead of flipping pages endlessly or looking through an entire table of contents only to end up with the wrong page. You'll understand what I mean when you try one.

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth by Benebell Wen

Benebell has been known as an extremely detailed writer. Anything that she writes is worth reading. This e/book is a comprehensive Tarot guidebook for newbies and even seasoned Tarot Readers. Also, if you don't like the massive physical book, going digital might be the solution for you.

Where To Get: Amazon

Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self Through The Wisdom of the Cards by Michelle Tea

I find this book by Michelle Tea relatable as she share life experiences and connects them with Tarot (which can be a great learning approach). It's like asking a sister to tell you a story that has moral lessons in the end.

Where To Get: Amazon

WTF is Tarot?: ...& How Do I Do It? by Bakara Wintner

This to me has the same vibes with Michelle Tea's book since they are both relatable and insightful. If the title did not catch your attention and somehow intuitively did not get the vibe of this book, I don't know what will. Honestly, this is a fun reference Tarot guide for any Tarot beginner.

Where To Get: Amazon

>> Whimsical Musings:

Took me a long while to get the hang of reading books digitally. By default, I love the smell of new books and that satisfying sound as I turn a page. I was initially against digital books but have grown to accept their purpose. Then again, since I am a book nerd, I always end up getting the physical books too.


Tarot Bytes with Teresa Reed

Teresa Reed's sassiness taught me confidence in so many levels. Her realness is what resonated with me. Her motherly voice would soothe, guide and teach you about Tarot, Astrology and life.

Where To Access: Apple Podcast, Website

The Biddy Tarot Podcast with Brigit Esselmont

Biddy Tarot is the go-to-ultimate-guide to Tarot online, garnering 1M views (plus - minus) a day on their website. Her contents are always on point, from learning Tarot, growing your Tarot business and hearing other fellow Tarot readers as her guest speakers share their stories and expertise in the field.

Where To Access: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Website

Weekly Energy Boost by The Kabbalah Centre with David Ghiyam and Elisheva Balas

This is a great podcast to listen to about Kabbalah, soulwork and astrology.

Where To Access: Apple Podcast, Youtube, Spotify

>> Whimsical Musings:

I finally discovered my routine when I listen to a podcast. I usually forget to do this when I'm swamped with mundane work where everybody and everything needs my constant attention and by the time I get home or have free time, I'm too tired to listen. Since 2020 has taught (and still teaching) us to slow down with a wfh / hermit setting, listening to podcasts while I clean, cook or when I rest and do my patertering is like hitting two birds with one stone.


MOON - Current Moon Phase

Long ago, before iOS 14 introduced homescreen customisation, I downloaded this app for its widget feature. I like the simpl e and clean aesthetics. This app shows the phases of the moon and does the job. There are mysterious features in it too such as the random intuitive (sometimes cryptic) messages with chimes. When I say random, I mean waking-you-up-in-the-middle-of-your-deep-sleep-at-night-scaring-your-pajamas-off-random.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore

Moonly: Moon Calendar & Runes

Such a creative app. The graphics are amazing. It also shows the lunar calendar (both eastern and western), runes, healing, daily affirmations, rituals, meditations and more.

Where To Download: App Store

Sanctuary Astrology

Probably the most interactive, modern day astrology app with a clean look that shows your birth chart, daily horoscope and daily tarot reading. This app is great for beginners and those who wanna have fun.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore


If you love stargazing, download this app and point your phone to the sky to see which planet, star, satellite, asteroid, constellation is near you.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore


Aurora Night

A local (Philippine based) crystal shop with an app. They sell crystal bracelets, crystal amulets, crystal trees, crystal candles, crystal sacred essences, crystals for divination and more. They ship worldwide too.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore

‎STONE: Crystals, illuminated

A cool and sassy app about crystals.

Where To Download: App Store


Calm - Meditation and Sleep

I downloaded this recently when I saw Eva Green narrating in it.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore


You can create your own meditation playlist or follow artists / users who already have one.

Where To Download: App Store, Google Play Store


Labyrinthos Tarot Reading

Apps by Tina Gong are awesome! This is like having a tarot academy in the palm of your hand.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore

Trusted Tarot

This app has daily readings, weekly readings, spreads and Rider Waite tarot card meanings.

Where To Download: App Store, Google PlayStore

>>Whimsical Musings:

Large printing companies such as Llewellyn and Hay House have an app for each deck (Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand) they publish. You can search your favourite deck on the App Store or Google PlayStore and download it from there.


Biddy Tarot by Brigit Esselmont

Biddy Tarot is the Google of Tarot Community. Her website gets 1M (plus or minus) views a day. Her website ranges from an online school that provides certification, online tarot trainings, podcast, readings and an informative blog.

Where To Access: Website, Youtube


Dream builder and brand catcher, Chris-Anne Donnelly is an inspiration to all tarot readers and artists. Chris-Anne is known to provide creative soul-utions to your soul business and tarot slumps.

Where To Access: Website, Youtube


Sassy, funny, witchy and Tarot Academy Headmistress, Ethony is a hands-on Tarot mentor and guide to your tarot journey.

Where To Access: Website, Youtube

Lonerwolf by Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol

One of my favourite blogs to read about shadow work, soul work, spiritual awakening and journey.

Where To Access: Website

Meditation Audios by Natural Healer (Reiki) with Melissa Crowhurst

Melissa Crowhurts' voice is sooooo soothing. This is my morning meditation ritual.

Where To Access: Youtube

>> Whimsical Musings:

I know there are 'too many to mentions' in this category but I ended up with my top 4 go-to sites.


I am beyond relieved that Tarot is finally becoming accessible as opposed to 10 years ago where everything was scarce. From ebooks, to podcasts, to apps, to websites, Tarot has finally become accessible! Gone are the primitive days where we’ll be surprised to find that one Tarot deck that has been misplaced in a sea of books under the horror section at our favourite local bookstore (true story). Back when they don’t know which category a Tarot deck belongs to. Kids these days are so lucky.

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