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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Unboxing, First Impressions & Review

Review: Cartas Philippinensis Tarot

I was at my local bookstore when I happen to spot this deck. I couldn't believe my eyes! This is by far the first Filipino-themed Tarot deck I have ever seen!

WHAT I LIKE: 1. THE ARTWORK & CARD STOCK. 22 cards of the Major Arcana (Secrets), each interpreting archetypes in Philippine colonial history. It is like a walk in the National Museum where massive paintings are up on the wall only this time it's mini sized. Back cover art of the cards are not reversible as you can see above photo. Card stock is a bit thinner than usual but the card size are larger than your normal Tarot deck.


The guidebook is unbelievably packed with Philippine history discussing about our colonisation and subjugation. It also has little notes in the end on what the Tarot card is about.

This is like having box-ception.

3. AVAILABILITY You may purchase your Cartas Philippinensis Tarot at any Fully Booked bookstore. 4. SHIPPING Not applicable.


Box is impractically big. Did not also indicate that this is a Major Arcana only deck - that made it all misleading. 

SCORE: ★★★


While I am proud to have acquire a deck such as this, personally, I would say that this deck would resonate mainly for collectors rather than readers. It would have been nice to have the Minor Arcana included rather than just the Major Arcana. As a Filipino, I was proud to have owned a Filipino-themed deck but as a reader, this may just go straight to my book shelf for display. If you want to see more of this deck, check out my Instagram account as I dedicated this deck for my June posts (in lieu of our Independence Day on June 12). UPDATE: Sold this deck when I did my deck decluttering.

That concludes my review of the Cartas Philippinensis Tarot. 

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