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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Unboxing, First Impressions & Review

Review: True Black Tarot

It's finally here! I have been waiting for this for over a year!

WHAT I LIKE: 1. THE ARTWORK & CARD STOCK. Because black is my favourite colour... it's only natural that I have to get this. The artwork is packed with a lot of symbols. As seen below, there are also animals involved so if you are extra sensitive about animal cruelty and such (X of Swords), then this deck might not be for you.

Artwork includes animal and human traits.

Cardstock is really thick - 50% more than a standard deck.

2. GUIDEBOOK I don't normally read the LWB except for when the deck is indie made. True Black Tarot's Guidebook consists of a lot of information including the meaning behind the symbols the artist used for each card. 

Comes with a study box, thick yet smooth card stock and a booklet.


I purchased mine on Kickstarter. You can get yours here.


I waited for over a year since I first saw it on Kickstarter and it was still in its production process.


It's not 'hate' but more of a challenge to shuffle the cards.

SCORE: ★★★★★


This deck bears a powerful energy which is why I was really drawn to it (aside from its color of course). It is indeed expensive as compared to a standard indie deck but I guarantee that it is worth every penny. As a hard shuffler, I might add this to my personal deck collection - I don't think I can use this for my clients. Extra care in handing is a must.

That concludes my review of the True Black Tarot Deck. 

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