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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Unboxing, First Impressions & Review

Review: Victorian Romantic Tarot 3rd Edition

It's finally here! I am probably one of those who petitioned to have this deck re-printed. I actually sent emails and posted a lot of tweets at Baba Studio to beg them to release another batch. Note, that when I first stumbled upon this deck, I couldn't afford it. They were being sold at Amazon for a whopping $1,000. Yep, you read that right.

WHAT I LIKE: 1. THE ARTWORK & CARD STOCK. This is having a museum in the palm of your hand! Look at those wonderful artworks! How can you say no to these? Also, the artwork is not at all scary for the 'scary' cards. They are 128 * 78 mm (about 5 * 3 inches) printed on playing card stock which has an inner carbon layer to protect against bends and tears.

Look at that shimmer! Each card has gorgeous metallic overlay. I can look at these forever!

The new edition has TWO Devil cards, the much-loved female devil (upper left) and a new "seduction" devil (upper right). There are also TWO Lovers cards, one is the original Dante and Beatice card which has been in every edition (lower left). The new one (lower right) is based on a picture by Hans Makart. It's a passionate picture - with a twist!

2. GUIDEBOOK The deck includes a LWB inside its box but you also have an option to buy the 220 page companion book as seen below.

Gilded box includes LWB but I also got the companion book (approx 220 pages) which has been slightly updated to reflect the new imagery. It discusses each card in depth, and also includes keywords, spreads and information about how to read tarot. Available separately from the deck.

3. AVAILABILITY You may purchase your Victorian Romantic Tarot at Baba Store. 4. SHIPPING Took almost 9 months (first one got lost a sea - probably, so they sent me a replacement) before I was able to get it. 


Absolutely nothing! 

SCORE: ★★★★★


AWESOME!!!! This is a collector's must-have. A Tarot Reader's dream come true. It is a story-teller deck and is best for beginners. You might want to invest on shipping as it will only take you max a week with DHL. I waited 9 months because I opted for the cheaper shipping option and it got lost - huhu! Baba Studio was so nice and accommodating. They immediately shipped out a new one for me.

To watch the flip through and learn more about the deck, click here.

That concludes my review of the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 

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