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Updated: Feb 23

Support Local Indie Deck Creators

I am so proud that we are finally at a spiritual stage where sacred creators are growing.

Here are some Filipino Made Decks you should check out:


Illustrated and created on sleepless nights by me. I fashioned the Midnight Madness Tarot very much from the Rider-Waite Smith system to be used by anyone who has a love for soul work and shadow work. It is a very intuitive and forthright deck and it is my hope that each card become your go-to guides that will deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with your inner self. Follow my deck in progress here.

Images taken from @thewhimsicalarcane's Instagram profile.

Update: You can order Winter Edition 2nd Print here! (Hurry get yours now while supplies last!)

2. KAPWA TAROT by Jana Lynne Umipig-Lawag Nakem I saw this deck a few years ago on Instagram and was wowed by the artwork. Such a grounding deck that connects and reminds you of your Filipino roots. You can get a copy here.

Images taken from @jlcreator Instagram profile.

3. CARTAS PHILIPPINENSIS by Saul Hofileña Jr., painted by Guy Custodio

22 cards of the Major Arcana (Secrets), each interpreting archetypes in Philippine colonial history. It is like a walk in the National Museum where massive paintings are up on the wall only this time it's mini sized. Read review here. I've been asked a lot about how and where to purchase this deck but alas, this deck's quite an elusive one. Last I heard, this deck was available at FullyBooked.

Images taken from my deck review page.

4. PRACTICAL MAGIC by Chinggay

Chinggay has become a powerhouse for creating decks and have launched 2 tarot decks already: Practical Magic Starter Tarot deck and Pinoy Practical Magic Tarot Deck. Get your copies here.

Images taken from @practical_magical Instagram profile.

5. THE IMAGINARIUM TAROT by CJ Francisco A very high-vibrational tarot deck, illustrated and created by our very own CJ Francisco. You can purchase the Imaginarium Tarot deck here.

Images taken from @imaginariumtarot Instagram profile.


Illustrated and created by my Earth buddy Kevin Dones! I have been raving about this deck since I got my hands on it. The Quirky Creatives Tarot deck is boosting with creative energy that led me to finishing my own deck. If your creative mojo is in need of a boost, purchase this deck here.

Images taken from @thequirkycreativestarot Instagram profile.

7. The Future Ancestor Tarot by Lexa Toledo Villanueva - Really love these earthy tones. Lexa is a talented artist, tarot reader and also a clay bender. Whut? Yep, she makes pottery too.

Images taken from @lexalunastudio Instagram profile.


The creator, Maria Haswell, created the cards based on her own unique designs which were inspired by her travels in the Philippines, her studies in Peru & Bolivia and her own reflection, life lessons, and experiences. You can back it on Kickstarter here.

Images taken from @themysticgoddess' Kickstarter.

9. DECOLONIZED TAROT by Maritess Zurbano and Cathleen Abalos

Illustrated and created by Cathleen Abalos and intepreted by Maritess Zurbano, this deck features the Filipino culture, focusing on the 'power of female energy, LGBTQIA+ identities, the celebration of all body shapes and sizes, and the imagination of the disabled.' Back it on Kickstarter here.

Images taken from @decolonizedtarot's Kickstarter.

10. EARTH TAROT by Earth Anlacan

"This deck has no motif, no concept to hold them all together. The only thing that binds each card is my perspective and art style. The odd numbers are interpreted as non-human designs; the even numbers are human; the court cards are human as well. Well I can really say that these cards reflect one avenue of my weird mind" - @convearth. You can purchase the deck here.

Images taken from @convearth's Instagram profile.


Woot! Woot! My happiness soars as I see more and more Filipinos join the #tarotcommunity. Remember that Tarot is NOT devil-woship. It is a transformative tool that gives you an opportunity to reflect, ground and raise your vibration to became a more authentic you.

If you know other Tarot Decks made by Filipinos that are not listed here, please contact me so I can include it in this list.

P.S. Can't get enough of Filipino indie deck creators? Check this Oracle Decks Made By Filipinos here and Lenormand Decks Made by Filipinos here.

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