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What's in store for this great astronomical event?

This year has been packed with big astronomical events, one of which when both Saturn and Jupiter conjunct with Pluto - an occurrence which shook the entire world and now facing a so-called new normal. However, on December 21, a rare alignment (happens every 20 years) between Jupiter and Saturn, known as The Great Conjunction, is set to tremendously shake things up politically, socially, and your personal life.

As you know, in astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion while Saturn is the planet of limitation - combine these two gas giants and you get a massive cosmic energy that will change our lives immensely. Jupiter is a generous planet, giving you the opportunity to grow and expand your awareness while Saturn favours responsibility and will teach you to set boundaries and limitations. One is a yes while the other is a no. Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. While this may seem like two opposing entities, the beauty in it lies when you tap on both their energies to help you take a realistic approach (Saturn) toward an amazing soul expansion and growth (Jupiter). This Great Conjunction gives us a new perspective on what old structures we need to destroy and what we need to rebuild. This is a great opportunity for us to create and build new foundations that can benefit us as a whole.

In the middle part of 2020, you may have noticed an increase of interests in spirituality in social media, this is due to the cosmic energies these giants emit. It is because this conjunction falls into the sign of Aquarius, the visionary sign, some astrologers named this event as another dawning of the Age of Aquarius where we can expect an increase of open-mindedness and self-awareness. Considered the most humanitarian sign, we can also expect a lot of mindful assistance and increase in service to humanity (as it should). Aquarius energy is revolutionary and innovative, let us use this powerful energy to create a community that believes in working together as a whole and for the greater good.



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