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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The Power Of Protection From The Evil Eye

The Red String

You may have stumbled upon the mysterious Red String on social media, internet or while doing some online window shopping and may have wondered what's the deal with it. Let me shed some light on this subject a bit.

Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered about the meaning of life. The search for the ultimate answer resulted to many mystical and enchanting legends. The Japanese legend - The Red String Of Fate - is by far the most romantic legend that give birth to many love stories in mythology, anime, tv series, telenovelas, movies and the lot. The legend goes that when two people who are connected with a Red String are bound together by Fate itself. They are always destined to meet, no matter how far apart or how their life circumstance is different from each other. This string is unbreakable.

Now while the first Red String is 'invisible', the second part of this article will have a physical form.

Another great symbolism that sprung from this is Kabbalah's Red String. The custom of wearing the Red String dates back to Genesis 38 and is worn to ward off misfortune. The tradition is popularly thought to be associated with Kabbalah (the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation in the Bible) and the story of Rachel, the matriarch, who gave to others and was blessed in return. Rachel, the wife of Jacob, who after many barren years, gives birth to two sons, Joseph and later Benjamin. Because of being infertile for so many years, her natural love to protect and defend her children against all form of evil has been noted as the mightiest power in all existence.

The fascinating thing about Rachel's story is that she is actually Jacob's second wife. Originally, Jacob fell in love with Rachel at first sight and to prove his love, he served as a shepherd for seven years on her father's land so he can wed her. When the seven years of labour has been fulfilled, Rachel's father, delivered Leah, the first daughter to Jacob instead of her. Rachel's father explained that according to tribal custom, the oldest daughter should be married first (Genesis 29:26). If Jacob wanted to marry Rachel as well, he would owe Laban (Rachel's father) another seven years of labour - to which he served again to marry Rachel. That's a total of 14 years!

Now bear with me as this story is still not finished. Because of Jacob's strong affections for Rachel, her womb has become closed for years and the unloved Leah (the first daughter) who has grown to love Jacob would bear him seven children. Rachel would then send her handmaiden to Jacob as a substitute for her infertility so she could at least 'bear' him children even by another's womb. Rachel would eventually bear Jacob a child, named Joseph. Interestingly, if you would notice, the women in the Bible who has been known to be barren will eventually be blessed with a child. It is said that the reason for them being barren is to prepare them (bodies and soul) to bear a child that would change history.

By this point, you should be aware of the story of Joseph the Dreamer. Now in order to protect Jacob from his 11 older brothers or any form of negative intent (evil eye), it was said that Rachel took a red string from her clothing and tied it around Joseph's left wrist.


In Kabbalah, when an envious look is directed at one person by another, a contraction takes place on the target victim’s spiritual level of being. Specifically, the protective energy force that naturally surrounds a person, known as mercy pulls back, leaving a void in its wake. Subsequently, an energy force known as judgement enters the void that’s been created. This penetrating force will not stop until it finds faults, liabilities and demerit points in the lives of these people, for that is its sole nature.


Wool embodies the force of mercy. The colour white reflects the energy of mercy while the colour red reflects the frequency of judgement. By dyeing white wool (mercy) red (judgement), you physically create the wiring that converts judgement to mercy, darkness into Light. This is the process that takes place in the Red String. The colour red is used to attract and intercept all forces of judgement streaming from the Evil Eye, binding it to the string. That is how you receive your protection.

A tradition has been set by tying a Red String around Rachel's tomb seven times to infuse it with the energy of protection and luck. It is then cut into bracelet sized length and tied on to the wearer's left wrist with seven knots while reciting the Ben Porat, a prayer for protection. Here's how:

To learn more about the Red String, I encourage you to buy this book (not an ad) The Red String Book by Yehuda Berg which served as this article's source and if you're interested, you can buy the Red String here.

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