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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What is Kabbalistic Astrology?

'Kabbalah, in fact, offers arguably the oldest and wisest application of astronomy and astrology known to humankind. Kabbalistic Astrology is a tool for understanding one's individual nature at its deepest level and putting that knowledge to immediate use in the real world.'

In Kabbalistic Astrology, it is believed that each soul chose to enter this world at a particular time, under the influence of a zodiac sign, for a reason. Humans have stargazed since the dawn of time. Our ancestors have been mapping the night skies and tracking celestial phenomena for centuries to uncover the DNA of our soul.

The art of astrology, through the interpretation of planetary movements, gives us insights on what is going on, why and how it affects our lives, including what we were not able to accomplish during our past lives. Our soul's goal is for us to experience and reach our ultimate potential so that we may live a full life. In Kabbalah, the Aramaic word, 'tikkun', which means correction opens our eyes so we can recognise what we need to correct in this life.

What your soul is here to correct based on your sign:

♈️ : freedom

♉️ : stubbornness

♊️ : superficiality

♋️ : fear

♌️ : ego

♍️ : judgement

♎️ : doubt

♏️ : jealousy

♐️ : guilt

♑️ : surrender

♒️ : one to one relationship

♓️ : backbone

A Kabbalistic Astrologer will read your astrology chart and will tell you what lessons your soul came to learn, provide deep insights into your personality, discover the gifts you were given, learn how can you use them to be of service in this world and more.

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