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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What Is Pendulum Dowsing?

I have been using my pendulum for quite a long time and I realised that I haven't blogged about it - so tada! It's my divination buddy and an important aid when I ask questions that requires clear and specific answers. HOW DOES A PENDULUM WORK? The Pendulum is a powerful divination tool. It serves as an antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things. Albert Einstein, Leonardo De Vinci (inventor), Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry), Charles Richet (nobel prize winner), and General Patton (U.S. Army) are famous pendulum dowsers.  When asked properly and specifically, the Pendulum can be used to:

  • Locate missing objects, persons & pets. 

  • Identify Chakra balances & imbalances.

  • Determine compatibility between people, places, things, work, investments, etc.

  • Answer Yes or No questions

  • and more!


As you can see, aside from what I've mentioned about, I also use my pendulum when I do a reading for myself. It helps me pinpoint areas that I need to work on. Sometimes (mostly based on my moods or energy), I also use it for my client readings - for a one Yes or No question. 

My Clear Quartz Pendulum

The pendulum also acts as a 'proof' when I use it during my Reiki Healing sessions. As a Reiki Master Practitioner, it is easy to determine a client's imbalanced Chakra or energy wheel when you do a scanning but since people don't believe right away when you tell them that a certain Chakra is imbalance just by hovering your hand on their body, it's best to 'show' them what you meant. So I whip out my pendulum, perform a dowsing and let them see for themselves. 

How do you use your Pendulum?

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