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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What Is Shadow Work?

A shadow is a psychological term for everything we can't see in ourselves but we know it is lurking around the corner. Shadow Work is about facing your fears as you explore your inner darkness or your Shadow Self (the aspect of yourself that you hide, reject and deny). By attempting to uncover everything you have hidden consciously and unconsciously, you are making the first step into fully healing your authentic self. 

In Jungian psychoIogy, it is believed that when you are able to accept your inner darkness, you can gain control of your Shadow Self and soon learn to mend and release it. Our awareness helps us identify the causes and effects of these shadows. By acknowledging our fears, our most hated part of ourselves, our darkness, we can then set ourselves free.

Many lightworkers or seekers of spiritual growth often would have to work on their shadows as it is a way for them to keep themselves in check. ​As a lightworker and an awakened soul, I find this very crucial with my spiritual pathwork for this also speaks about walking the talk. Remember, you will never appreciate the light if you have not dwelt in the dark.

I have been made aware that not everyone is comfortable hearing anything about Shadow Work. People often misunderstood what it means. Just to set the records straight, if you really want to find healing, inner peace and maintaining a healthy energy, it is time to face your fears and embrace your darkness - and that's what Shadow Work is.

"Fear is insecurity and insecurity is powerlessness."

- Benebell Wen

When you book a Shadow Work Reading with me, we will tackle your fears, both in the surface and hidden. We will explore your shadows, identify the psycho-spiritual blockages and find ways to accept, mend and release them.

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