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February 8, 2017

I first heard of Reiki from my friend who is also a Tarot reader. He is already a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. He keeps on telling me that Reiki would help me a lot and I have been doing Reiki without me knowing that I'm doing it. I had my reservations about it and told him I wasn't ready yet as I was still trying to focus and expand my knowledge with Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand readings and creating this blog- excuses, I know. You might be surprised but I too am skeptical.


I tend to challenge my skepticism by letting my intuition do the works.


One day, something propelled me to look for Reiki courses and bam! I'm enrolled. That something (if you were reading my previous article) was how shitty 2016 to me on a personal level. So I thought Reiki would be the answer and got myself enrolled on a Reiki course. 


As per my Reiki Master, Melissa Crowhurst, 'Reiki is essentially a beautiful form of energy healing'. And yes, I needed HEALING badly.

I feel lost, incomplete, directionless and out of tune. I couldn't figure out how to get back to my original well-balanced state. The Tarot, Oracle and Lenomarnd has been helping me address what I needed to do but I simply don't know how. So when I was told what Reiki is and how it is an effective form of natural healing, I figured, why not try it out?

Weeks later, I was able to finish my Reiki course and I am proud to tell you that I am now a Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. As a Reiki Master, (like other Reiki Masters) I plan to incorporate my knowledge with my readings so that I could further help people who needed healing like I did. To quote Baron Mordo (in Dr. Strange):

'I was in your place, once. And I too, was disrespectful.'

My Reiki Master Certificate on display.

What's your Reiki experience?

- The Whimsical Arcane -