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Talking to Eisel was like talking to a friend. It was the perfect balance of learnings and chikka. She was very patient and allowed me enough time and a safe space to express myself. The natal chart reading I had with her helped me realize my patterns, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and how I can work on and with them to live a more authentic and abundant life. I was able to make sense of various life experiences which led me to a better understanding of myself. Thank you Eisel for the gift of your energy and the beautiful guidance you gave me.


Personal note: I think i found a life coach and an ate in you.  I appreciate your vulnerability also and sharing about your own experiences.

Gabrielle C., USA

That was an outstanding astrology reading I have ever had! Eisel was so thorough and explained everything in detail. The previous astrology reading that I had with others felt like a horoscope from a magazine. 🙈 The Kabbalistic Astrology approach is truly eye-opening. Eisel explained the things that my soul needs to correct in this lifetime so as to prevent myself from making the same mistakes again. She provided a blueprint, a roadmap if you will, on which path I should take and how I should prepare myself for this journey.

Another thing that I love about her reading style is that she explains everything that makes it easier for me to understand. I often get so confused with other astrologers using big astrology words that I rarely pay attention to what they're telling me. My entire astrology reading with Eisel felt like an astrology class 101 and now I appreciate more what my planets in my chart meant.

Lastly, as we are finishing my chart reading, she gave me assignments / things I shouldn't forget to work on such as how to face my tikkuns and rise above my planet's influences!


OMG! I found myself the best astrologer and life coach! The astrology reading I had with Eisel was truly worth it!

Amanda E., Philippines

So I saw the Whimsical Arcane page on my Instagram feeds and wanted to hear a different reading of my natal chart. But also, I wanted to know what lessons I need to take note of because I was unsure if how I’m living my life right now is on the “right path”. The reading was really eye opening and made me realize somethings that I’ve neglected to think about. It was also accurate in pointing out who I am, my experiences. I’m also happy to hear that some steps I was thinking of incorporating in my life is the way to be able to fulfill the lessons in this lifetime. I’m glad I tried this out. Thank you also to Eisel, she was very warm. I felt like I was talking to a friend while discussing the chart. Plus, she broke everything down in an easy to understand way, no jargons. 


All in all, thank you again Eisel! I really enjoyed our time and learned a lot. 

Patricia L., Philippines

thank you so much ms eisel for reading my birth chart comprehensively! it was very insightful and i have gained a lot of points to consider in order for me to live my life to the fullest and to remove the blockages that are hindering my growth and abundance! THANK YOU SO MUCH PO 🙏🏻 and I’ll always strive for the better so that i can also inspire others with my energy. MORE POWERS TO YOU PO 💙

Lyka S., Philippines

Eisel really took the time to explain and educate me about my Natal Chart, and Tikkun. She described me to a "T" without even knowing who I am. 

Gave me really good transformational information so I can make better decisions and align myself and my work together with the natural flow of the universe.

If you have the chance and resources book a slot with her. It's worth it.

Gimbey D.C., Philippines

Dear Eisel,

Thank you so much for the reading today! It comforted me to know that my tendencies are not unfounded. The reading also made me feel empowered because I know now what I can do to be able to resolve my issues.

I appreciate your guidance and wisdom.

More power and blessings to you!



Celine V., Philippines

She uses a different system of Astrology and very different from the modern ones we see now. I saw clearly how my life blocks connect from one area of my life to another and she gave me CLEAR instructions on how to break my own blocks. She's straight to the point and I love how she points out shadows I needed to overcome.

Lois V., Philippines

I'm glad that I booked my chart reading with you because you're very easy to talk to and welcoming. Nakakatawa kasi bata pa lang ako, I was very matanong about religion or any philosophical views and had this motto na "to see is to believe", but I find myself loving the concept of astrology, horoscope, even past life regression (hehe) I love the experience I had with Kabbalistic Astrology reading because it's another resource for me to reflect on the takeaways/lessons and translate them to express self-love and kindness to others.

So, for those who are reading this. If you're just like me who's afraid that your childhood traumas or mistakes in the past will call you out by your name once you start opening up to the world; or anxious that people close to you will get weird out and think "wow, you've changed" if you let your true self shine,  I encourage you to gift yourself with the same experience because Eisel explains everything without making you feel like you have no control or choice in life (everything hits home, by the way. It’s a confirmation of who I am now and who I want to become) I am now embarking on a new journey by being true to myself because Eisel made me remember that self-honesty can save a whole lot of pain down the road. Thank you Eisel!

Arra J., Philippines

Hi Ms. Eisel!

I really had fun learning about myself during our reading. Di ko na namalayan yung oras haha! But please know that you made a great impact on myself and also on my path. I went over my notes and felt that I really did learn a lot about myself in ways that I wouldn’t be able to do had I not booked the Kabbalistic Astrology Reading with you. I learned about my strengths and most of all, I learned what my weaknesses are so that I can improve and correct them. This reading is very empowering! It is a big step to my journey of learning how to love and accept myself. I feel that this will open doors for me! Actually looking back after the reading, parang I already started accepting myself agad agad. Nice to meet you self haha! So thank you very much Ms. Eisel! I can’t wait to update you din on my progress!

Mary G., USA

Really enjoyed today's reading done by The Whimsical Arcane. So many insights and my favourite takeaway really is the major difference between Kabbalistic and traditional astrology. I love that it operates on the premises of correction and taking control of your signs' manifestations - that you're not just a helpless victim of your alignments.

Eisel is super nice and her readings are 💯. Honestly feels like a validation of my experiences rather than vague pokes at my reality. 🤟🏼

Jan L., Philippines

Hi, Eisel!

Thank you so much for the natal chart reading. Our session reaffirmed the things I have to work on and also allowed me to realize patterns I have to break that I didn’t know were there.

I find that the Kabbalistic approach is such a nice change from the Western astrology that I have been used to. It really prompted me to reflect on my actions and the things I have to overcome. I didn’t say this when we were over the call but I was low key on the verge of crying during our session! Hahaha!

It was truly enlightening! Thank you!

Reginne C., Philippines

Hello The Whimsical Arcane!

Thank you so much for today’s Kabbalistic Astrology Natal Chart Reading. The session was so light, fun, and insightful, I love the reading because it puts things into perspective and brings so much understanding of oneself and there was a lot of self-realization. The reading made me understand that there are lessons we need to learn in life and it also provided me with a guide to making better decisions in line to path. You are an amazing reader, Thank you so much and I will definitely be looking forward to more sessions!

Mohammad, Philippines

Before studying Kabbalah, I never really believed in the connection of astrology to my life and how I can improve it using astrological readings. Having learned that Kabbalistic Astrology is way different than your usual "horoscope", it is only now that I realized it made more sense. I've been on the search of finding someone who can do my Natal Chart Reading. One day, a friend shared The Whimsical Arcane and I felt that this is it! I booked the next available schedule and realized that I made the right decision.

The Whimsical Arcane explained what my natal chart is in a way I could understand. It didn't feel like she was rushing and really made sure that each portion was clear. She pauses to ask if I have any questions and confirms if the readings resonate with me. The best part is how at the end of the session, we focused on how to work on my tikkun. My corrections that are on top of the list. She emphasized that merely knowing my tikkun is not enough. The real work lies on what I need to do to improve them. The main reason why my soul decided to be where I am now. It was a great 60-minute session and I highly recommend this to everyone, regardless of your beliefs or spiritual journey. We all have a purpose to fulfil, treat this as a kickstarter to get you going. Although we have to use our free will, it is always easier if we have the right consciousness as we move forward.

Patrick D.P., Philippines

Hello Whimsical Arcane!

Super enjoyed today’s session, a lot of self-realization was made and confirmation for a lot of things that I have been doing in my personal life. The session was so light and insightful, but what I loved most about it is how much it brings into equation the correction factor, that these readings are not end game, but rather, they are guides to making better decisions in line with what is already given to us. I loved that the session encourages putting in work for the things about ourselves that may hurt us, and it makes you see the power of the things you already are equipped with. Definitely looking forward to more sessions and I am super energized to take on the journey after the things I have been reaffirmed of today.

Thank you so much!!

Matthew J., Philippines

Hi Ms. Eisel,

Thank you for a detailed, informative and comprehensive reading. The Kabbalistic astrology reading made sense of what I already know about myself and more. It confirmed my characteristics and my patterns that I have been noticing. I was amazed to learn how they all tie up together. It nudged me to an advantageous perspective. I’m thankful for my Tikkun (correction) which I’ll use as guide points as I continue my journey on self-empowerment.

Wish you all the best and stay safe.

Emerica N., Philippines

Very satisfied with the Kabbalistic Astrology Natal Chart session earlier! It was so detailed and I appreciated you kindly answering all my noob questions. I took down six pages of notes! 😁 Your reading is quite unique in that it's not just a personality profile. It identifies one's gifts but also the potential challenges and personal work that needs to be done to get closer to becoming our best and truest selves. It was exactly what I was looking for. Very direct and action-oriented, no frills or fluff. I liked the concise round-up and summary of points at the end, so organized.👌 Thanks for the insights! I look forward to availing of your other offerings in the future.

Vilma G., Philippines

Enlightened and more sure of my path. I booked a Kabbalistic Astrology Chart Reading with The Whimsical Arcane because I felt like I needed to view myself from a different perspective, from someone I've never met and see how the reading resonated with me. She was approachable and I had a pretty relaxing experience with the reading. She explained how my past life has been overshadowing the life I have right now, and how the concept of 'tikun' can help me towards living my life purpose. Through her reading, I became aware of the patterns around me, how to break bad ones, and how to keep the good ones. I'm very grateful for her candor and clarity, her advice and her knowledge. Definitely looking forward to booking future reading with her.

Amanda L., Philippines

It was such a surprising revelation!!! There were things that I knew personally about myself and my surroundings that popped up in the reading. Those really resonated well with me!

There were things that I wasn't directly aware of that has been brought to light!

It was a very well balanced reading since it included my strengths, gifts, weaknesses, and lessons.

Overall an awesome experience and I will definitely use what I've learned to improve myself and my life!

Carl L., Philippines

Hi Eisel!

I'm very pleased to have had my first chart reading with you (after waiting years for a chance to get one)! And it uses Kabbalistic Astrology as well, which gave great insights into my chart and was really spot on. The reading gave me a sense of relief and validated so much of my spiritual journey. I'll now use it as my "shadow work blueprint" while being the architect/master of my own fate and destiny. Things that used to be vague has now made a lot of sense. Again, I am amazed. Your relaxed energy has also contributed to the great experience. Thank you so much, Eisel. Glad to have found your work. More power to you and Whimsical Arcane! 🦋

Shana C., USA

Hi Eisel...

Maraming salamat.

Mas may linaw at lalim na for me, yung pagiging kung ano ako at ano dapat ibalanse ko with myself based on my signs, based of course with my Natal Chart (Kabbalistic Astrology).

Napakita mo yung relations na I believe are just  there, na may need lang for reawakening. To be more conscious, again for Balance.

Felt so comfortable going through the process, disclosing my status & experiences, kahit kakakilala palang. Comfy lang tlg.

Will not be my una't huli... For sure.

Janna S., Philippines

As someone who's getting acquainted with astrology after years of having a lackluster impression of it (no thanks to seeing too many newspaper horoscopes with zero context), I can wholeheartedly recommend Eisel's practice with Kabbalistic Astrology.

Here are a few things I noticed (and appreciated) when she was going over my chart and while I reflected on my notes from the call:

  1. The life lessons I'm here to learn according to my birth chart are in sync with the highs and lows of my experiences;

  2. The perspective that our souls chose to be born at a specific time and place both lines up with what I've studied about past lives and reaffirms our capacity for free will;

  3. The elemental breakdown of my sign and chart made sense. This was also the first time I really connected with the other aspects of being a Libra Sun outside of the balance part;

  4. The way Eisel walked me through my chart was easy to digest and very accessible. How she explained certain things had the clarity of hindsight, and she was very spot on in identifying the behaviours I'm working on correcting; and

  5. It was an overall comfortable conversation even when the discussion turned towards potentially awkward topics (that is: things about myself I wouldn't outright admit to in public). Eisel's interpretation of my chart was also rather insightful and gave me food for thought.


Thanks, Eisel! Really appreciate it.

Martha M., Philippines

I found the session equal parts informative and entertaining. It went beyond the basics of what I was familiar with, helping me see which aspects of myself I need to work on and why I am the way I am. Eisel's candor and good nature put me at ease, which is necessary when you're exposing a part of yourself to someone you've never really met. Thank you so much for your time and best of luck to you!

MJ J., Philippines

Hi Whimsical Arcane,

Thank you so much for the reading! I really enjoyed and appreciated the Kabbalistic approach on astrology, and it gave me a clearer view on what I’m meant to be doing in this lifetime, as well as the shadow work that I still have to do and which areas to focus on. It also felt a bit like a tarot reading session, but with the use of astrology instead of tarot cards, if that makes sense? I appreciated the straightforward way of being called out, yet at the same time received empathic and sincere responses and advice. It’s great to know that the Kabbalistic approach allows us to have free will in deciding what we want to do.

Again, thank you for patiently explaining what Kabbalistic astrology is, and patiently going through my chart in detail. It was easier to understand how my placements connected to each other and how I can use them to work on bettering myself. I’m really glad I decided to get this reading from you.

Take care and stay safe!

Lexie D., Philippines

Hey Eisel!

I just wanted to say that I am grateful for the time and effort you gave in this natal chart reading. The experience was truly remarkable (and I am not just saying this because we know each other). You managed to articulate certain emotions and thoughts that I had about myself that surprised me.

You hit a lot of nails right on the head with your insights and it was amazing how you managed to translate my chart in a down-to-earth way. Your interpretations weren't vague and/or generic. It was exact, direct, and accurate. You provided a blueprint of where I need to improve myself and you still gave me the space to come up with my own conclusions, which I highly appreciate.

I thought I knew enough about Western Astrology and my natal chart, but this experience just proved that having a professional reading is truly essential in accepting yourself and learning ways to grow as a human being (plus the Kabbalistic twist made it even more special).

Thank you very much!

Kevin D., Australia

Hello again :)) Thanks for the reading earlier. It's very accurate & helpful, especially now that I'm still starting to learn more about astrology. 'til next time. :)

Nicole S., Philippines

The natal chart Kabbalistic approach offers a different perspective on how the planets influence us. The reading touches more on soul corrections that we need to do in this lifetime. I highly recommend this if you want to be more self aware or currently doing shadow work. Thank you Eisel 🙏

Chara O., Philippines

It was very helpful! Thank you for the (natal chart reading) session. I was able to learn more about myself in a deeper manner, and understand what are the action points that I need to work on, moving forward. Thank you for reaffirming the patterns that I've been noticing, and helping me frame them so that I can digest it better.

Thank you again, and best of luck to you and your work! :)

Denise S., Philippines


I first saw The Whimsical Arcane when she was doing free card pulls on her Instagram Stories. The way she reads her cards is very different from other readers which is why I started stalking her and found out that she is a Capricorn and an introvert which is probably why I am so fascinated at her. When she finally picked me with one of her free card pulls I am so amazed at the accuracy of her card pull for me with just an emoji and initials that I gave. The card pull was on point even without me telling her what I'm going through. That made me book a reading session with her and the experience was just mind blowing. She is so good! I highly recommend her!

Martha K., Philippines

I admit that at first I wanted to test her accuracy so I tried my best not to give a lot of details. But when she showed me the Death card, I had goosebumps! I am currently grieving for the lost of an important person and seeing that card and how she delivered her interpretations just made me cry. I wasn't really planning to but I did. She was so nice and gave me time to recover myself despite our limited time slot. What I really like about having a session with her was that she was able to hold space for me and it was then that I realised how truly remarkable people like her are. Definitely worth it! I will book again soon!

Sarah B., Philippines

Eisel never disappoints! I'm a regular and her readings are amazingly accurate. I love how she delivers her readings with candour and realness. You can truly feel how authentic her heart is in serving people. I have no words. I am so glad to have found her! Thank you so much, Eisel! What a blessing you are!

Laura D., Philippines

Her readings are amazing! Simple yet precise and on on point. It helped me figure out events i wouldn't have understood on my own. If you are up to tying up loose ends or just simply seeking for answers, it's definitely worth a try.

Charls S., Philippines

The Whimsical Arcane helped me understand myself better and identify the necessary actions on how I can work on my challenges.

Gena E., Philippines

Her readings were realistic and straight to the point. I'm a regular and I usually ask for her readings if wanted to find out about something. It's definitely worth it!

Jenn E., Philippines

Really appreciate the reading you made for me. Sums up what I was going through in a nutshell. Also, very grateful for highlighting the silver lining which I can look forward to. Again, thank you very much and keep guiding people with your gift.

Tin D., Philippines

Wow! I just received my Aura-Soma Tarot reading from Eisel and I was absolutely blown away by this reading. There was so much accurate information as well as insightful advice on how to work with my soul energies on many levels. I have been on a journey, seeking inner knowledge for quite some time. I often have felt lost, not knowing what to focus on, or how to incorporate what I have developed into a daily practice. Eisel has, through her reading, gifted me with knowledge, awareness, and perspective on my inner soul workings. The detail is astounding! She is professional, accurate, kind and delivered my reading quickly. An absolutely delightful experience!

Jenna, USA

What an insightful reading! Every card and message resonated on a deep level. I will look to this whenever I'm feeling stuck to remind me what is needed to keep me on my highest path.

Ryan, USA

Eisel (The Whimsical Arcane) is a wonderful Tarot reader who will deliver you a professional and insightful reading.

Ethony, Vancouver B.C.


Eisel has been sending me Reiki for every chemo treatment I had and whenever I needed a healing session. Her Reiki healing has helped me get through my cancer. Thank you so much!

MMM, Philippines

My weekly Reiki healing sessions with Eisel are always an emotional experience and leaves me crying after. It’s always filled with love and light. Thank you!

Flor, Philippines

I really enjoyed my crystal healing Reiki session with Eisel. I felt my crown chakra open immediately at the start of my session and I could feel my chakras being activated one by one. It was amazing how powerful it was despite the distance as I’m based in New Zealand. I also enjoyed the thorough report I got about the session which included observations and recommendations. The tarot card pulled really resonated with me as well. Thank you so much Eisel for your healing and wisdom! This was very much needed at a crucial time of transformation in my life.

Lauren O., New Zealand

Beautiful my sweet friend! Keep spreading your love & light #biglove Melissa xo

Melissa C., Australia

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