Her readings are amazing! Simple yet precise and on on point. It helped me figure out events i wouldn't have understood on my own. If you are up to tying up loose ends or just simply seeking for answers, it's definitely worth a try.



The Whimsical Arcane helped me understand myself better and identify the necessary actions on how I can work on my challenges. 



What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...Her readings were realistic and straight to the point. I usually ask for her readings if wanted to find out about something. Its definitely worth it!  



Really appreciate the reading you made for me. Sums up what I was going through in a nutshell. Also, very grateful for highlighting the silver lining which I can look forward to. Again, thank you very much and keep guiding people with your gift.



I really enjoyed my crystal healing Reiki session with Eisel. I felt my crown chakra open immediately at the start of my session and I could feel my chakras being activated one by one. It was amazing how powerful it was despite the distance as I’m based in New Zealand. I also enjoyed the thorough report I got about the session which included observations and recommendations. The tarot card pulled really resonated with me as well. Thank you so much Eisel for your healing and wisdom! This was very much needed at a crucial time of transformation in my life.


New Zealand

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