February 3, 2020


I've come to a realisation how misunderstood what spreading or promoting 'love and light' is in our local community. As students of the Universe and as we continue our studies about light and darkness, soul work and shadow work, our path is a challenging one. The term 'Love and Light' is often used as captions, hashtags, slogans and other marketing strategies to attract clients but what does it really mean? While it is a sure-win as far as promotion is concerned, the true message, however has been twisted and forgotten.

As a soul worker and shadow worker, my intention is to help querents, like you, start and continue your journey into becoming your true authentic self - that means reminding you about the 'knowledge/answer' on how you would face obstacles ahead. Actually, all of us are already equipped with this knowledge we just need to learn to listen. The answer is within you. The only reason why you can't find it is because you are being blocked by your shadows - your ego, pride, arrogance, fear, vanity and so on. If you would notice, tarot readers, life coaches, soul coaches, truth speakers always say the same thing. That's because humans are easily swayed and tempted thus needing constant reminders and guidance. We tend to stray to our true path especially when temptations are lurking around. You may think that would be exhausting, to say things over and over again, and it is. As a guide, we can only do so much however the rest is up to you.


One of the things that spiritual seekers (soul and shadow workers) face is loneliness. You will learn that not all of your friends and family members have the same level of consciousness as yours and not everybody will support you. This is where loneliness kicks in. The spiritual path is long and winding. Sometimes it could lead us to ta hick yet mystical forest. In order to walk this path, like the wolf, we must use our instinct and discernment. Like a lone wolf, you must be ready to face shadows and darkness so you can find your way back to the light. Here's the happy part, at some point in your travels you may encounter fellow wolves. Like lone wolf, you must find your pack. A pack with the same ideals, moral compass, energy like yours.

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