May 1, 2017

Upon my spiritual awakening, one of the very first things I asked about myself was the question:

What Am I?

I went through a phase where labelling myself with words to describe what I am and what I do now only made me more confused and lost. The New Age Hipster calls herself a Christian Witch. My mentor calls herself a Tarot and all-round Goddess and she is. A friend of mine calls himself a Fadewalker (yep, same one in Dragon Age) because and I quote, 'he likes to walk both in light and shadows'. So what am I? Am I a witch? My mother would have burned me at the stake herself if she finds out about that.


I'm not really comfortable with labels and felt as if I am being put in a box. But then I realized, having a word to describe yourself helps people understand what you are and what you do.

So here it goes:

I'm a Tarot Reader.

I'm an Oracle Reader.

I'm also a Lenormand Reader.

To summarize the first three, I use the term, 'INTUITIVE READER'. Sometimes card slinger.


A sensible & an ethical spell caster. The Magician and The High Priestess (Tarot) cards always pops out whenever I ask about who I am and that's when I realize I'm actually good at doing & casting spells.

The Dr. Strange movie has so many quote porn. If you haven't watched it... WHY?

Yes, I have casted spells. All intended for the highest and greatest good. 


I am a Healer and that's my soul's ability or gift. My mentor once told me that you can not heal unless you know how to hex and I could not agree more. I combine it with my readings, spell castings, Angels, Reiki and Crystals works.


I communicate with Angels & Archangels.

I play with my Spirit Animal - Luna, a massive wolf-dog.

I annoy and tease my Spirit Guide - Lune, a fairy.

I work with the Moon for manifestation, spell casting and cleansing.

I'm a Light worker and a Light Warrior. Everything is light based. Again, I do not worship any dark or evil deities.

I'm an Awakened Soul with awesome spiritual abilities. I developed my clairs at a very young age.

I help inspire fellow awakened souls and do intuitive consultations.

I'm a HEADMISTRESS OF THE WHIMSICAL ARCANE ACADEMY - an online academy for awakened souls.


I am an intuitive cartomancer, sacred creator, energy healer or to sum it up, a SOULPRENEUR. A Soulpreneur, or a soulful entrepreneur is a person who is living out his / her soul purpose, following a career path that aligns with his / her Higher Self. My goal is to create awareness, promote mindfulness and self-care, aid in your Soul Journey, inspire growth and empower and remind people to be human.

I rarely take selfies but when I do it's a portrait of my Higher Self - lol!

I'd also like to put it out there that because people often has misconceptions in saying that when we do light based works we are the weak ones - but no, I believe that we won't be able to do any light work if we haven't been in the dark - dancing with our inner demons. That requires a lot of patience, acceptance and bravery. When was the last time you confronted your demons? And survived? 

Basically, I'm a spiritual mess. Well, aren't we all? 

But then I choose to raise my vibrations, heed my calling and use my spiritual gifts for the highest good.


The Earth is shifting in consciousness - so must we.

Want to get a reading, enchanting spells and all things with love and light? 

- The Whimsical Arcane -

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