November 17, 2016

I think it is a must that you, as a querent, get to know what type of a tarot reader you want or need before you go ahead and get a reading. I've mentioned bits and pieces (on parts of my blog) about what type of a tarot reader I am, so here's a few more details for you:


While some may rock this look - I don't. If that is what you'd expect me to look like or wear then you'll be disappointed. I usually wear black only because black is my favorite color. If you're going to book a reading, expect a girl who wears black, flats, currently obsessed with wearing crystal bracelets and carrying a deck of cards (sometimes more).


The traditional Rider-Waite deck do not resonate with me for some reason but now I do possess the Llewelyn Classic Tarot. My decks are usually themed and most has modern art drawn in it. I tend to buy my decks from independent individuals who have revolutionized Tarot art. See my deck reviews here.


Benebell Wen, a renowned author and an amazing Tarot reader discusses different types of tarot readers on her blog and based from what she had shared, I am more of a combination of an Intuitive and an Emphatic Tarot Reader. In a nutshell, a 'Intuitive Tarot Reader has this uncanny ability to pinpoint the truth. From somewhere hardly rational, they can help you separate fact from fiction in absolutely the most rational sense. The Empathic Tarot Reader, on the other hand, is someone who feels exactly what you feel, who can sense energies in an environment and extract accurate emotional data from those energies.' - this is probably because all my clairs developed when I was very young and also now I am practicing Reiki

I hope I was able to answer your expectations and if you feel that I am best suited for your needs then click on that button below.

Remember, these are just deck of cards. Break your walls and dissolve your fear of the unknown. Find the clarity you seek in all your life happenings. 

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