The Whimsical Arcane has been in the shelves far too long than intended and

I can only blame life's ever-changing difficulty levels.

Until one day I decided to get serious, furiously pursued this particular path and build this site.

As you may have notice, due to conservative beliefs and extremely scarce resources, there are only a few of us here in Manila who practices any intuitive readings (seriously).

The Whimsical Arcane will serve as your reliable resource to break conservative barriers and

help you find clarity in all of your life's happenings.


The Whimsical Arcane

Hi! I'm Eisel and I'd very much like to keep my personal details private so all I can tell you is that on regular days, I toil as an Art Director & Front End Developer while I do my intuitive readings, crystal healings, soul and shadow works, and Reiki healing on the side.

As an awakened soul, Eisel was able to developed her Primary Clair Senses (Clairvoyance, Clairaurdience, Clairsalience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance) at a very young age. Due to conservative beliefs she was raised to, she was forced to ignore them. It was when a life changing event that drove her to accept the gifts she had and underwent a spiritual and healing journey to hone it.

Hailing from Manila, PH, Eisel is a skilled intuitive cartomancer, Reiki practitioner, pendulum dowser, soul healer and mentor. As a soul who enjoys being a student of the Universe, she was always on the go to learn new things and master her abilities and gifts. She is also the Headmistress of The Whimsical Arcane Academy and her mission is to inspire fellow awakened and awakening souls to fully discover and utilise their soul gifts.



  • Kabbalah 1

  • Kabbalistic Astrology 


  • Intuitive Tarot Reader Cert. TRA

  • Advanced Usui Reiki Master / Teacher Cert. NH, IRO

  • Crystal Reiki Master Teacher / Teacher Cert. IRO

  • Headmistress of The Whimsical Arcane Academy



  • Cartomancy: Tarot, Aura-Soma Tarot, Oracle & Lenormand

  • Pendulum Dowsing

  • Sensible Spell Casting

  • Developed Clairs used for Divine Guidance, Healing & Mentoring


You'll find Intuitive Readings combined with Reiki (energy healing) or Crystal Reiki (crystal & energy healing) indeed truly effective, powerful and rewarding.


Feel free to look around my site. Let's all aim towards being one with our Inner Selves and finding peace in the midst of our chaos. 

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Vancouver, BC

Eisel (The Whimsical Arcane) is a wonderful Tarot reader who will deliver you a professional and insightful reading.


Beautiful my sweet friend! Keep spreading your love & light #biglove Melissa xo


What an insightful reading! Every card and message resonated on a deep level. I will look to this whenever I'm feeling stuck to remind me what is needed to keep me on my highest path. 

Wow! I just received my Aura-Soma Tarot reading from Eisel and I was absolutely blown away by this reading. There was so much accurate information as well as insightful advice on how to work with my soul energies on many levels. I have been on a journey, seeking inner knowledge for quite some time. I often have felt lost, not knowing what to focus on, or how to incorporate what I have developed into a daily practice. Eisel has, through her reading, gifted me with knowledge, awareness, and perspective on my inner soul workings. The detail is astounding! She is professional, accurate, kind and delivered my reading quickly. An absolutely delightful experience!

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Really appreciate the reading you made for me. Sums up what I was going through in a nutshell. Also, very grateful for highlighting the silver lining which I can look forward to. Again, thank you very much and keep guiding people with your gift.



I really enjoyed my crystal healing Reiki session with Eisel. I felt my crown chakra open immediately at the start of my session and I could feel my chakras being activated one by one. It was amazing how powerful it was despite the distance as I’m based in New Zealand. I also enjoyed the thorough report I got about the session which included observations and recommendations. The tarot card pulled really resonated with me as well. Thank you so much Eisel for your healing and wisdom! This was very much needed at a crucial time of transformation in my life.


New Zealand

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