Hi! I'm Eisel! I am a full time independent soulpreneur and artist, intuitive cartomancer, Reiki Master and Teacher, soul and shadow worker, mentor, astrologer, creator of Midnight Madness Tarot and an Instagram inspirer.

Hailing from Metro Manila, PH, Eisel is a soul who enjoys being a student of the Universe. She is always on the go to learn new things and master her abilities and gifts. She is also the Headmistress of The Whimsical Arcane Academy and her mission is to inspire fellow awakened and awakening souls to fully discover and utilise their soul gifts.


  • Started self-studying Tarot since 2001 (been reading Tarot for over a decade)

  • Loves coffee a lot (particularly Starbucks' Dark Mocha Frappe Non Fat No Whip with Almond Syrup)

  • INT-J (not likely to start a conversation unless you see a Starbucks in one hand)

  • Mundane job was a Creative Director (in Web & Graphic Design) 

  • Capricorn in Gregorian Calendar, Aquarius in Kabbalistic Calendar



  • Sibilla


  • Kabbalistic Astrology Level 5 AKA

  • Kabbalah 4

  • Intuitive Tarot Reader Cert. TRA

  • Advanced Usui Reiki Master / Teacher Cert. NH, IRO

  • Crystal Reiki Master Teacher Cert. IRO



  • Soul Work & Shadow Work

  • Astrology

  • Kabbalah

  • Cartomancy: Tarot, Aura-Soma Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand & Sibilla

  • Tasseography

  • Pendulum Dowsing

  • Sensible Spell Casting

  • Journaling

  • Developed Clairs used for Divine Guidance, Healing & Mentoring



Vancouver, BC

Eisel (The Whimsical Arcane) is a wonderful Tarot reader who will deliver you a professional and insightful reading.


Beautiful my sweet friend! Keep spreading your love & light #biglove Melissa xo


What an insightful reading! Every card and message resonated on a deep level. I will look to this whenever I'm feeling stuck to remind me what is needed to keep me on my highest path. 

Wow! I just received my Aura-Soma Tarot reading from Eisel and I was absolutely blown away by this reading. There was so much accurate information as well as insightful advice on how to work with my soul energies on many levels. I have been on a journey, seeking inner knowledge for quite some time. I often have felt lost, not knowing what to focus on, or how to incorporate what I have developed into a daily practice. Eisel has, through her reading, gifted me with knowledge, awareness, and perspective on my inner soul workings. The detail is astounding! She is professional, accurate, kind and delivered my reading quickly. An absolutely delightful experience!

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