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My readings can be best described as intuitive. They are uplifting, overwhelming, encouraging, liberating and meant to guide you. I can simply help you choose the best option, however, do note that you yourself is responsible for your future and remember that nothing is set in stone. Rest assured that you are in good hands.


  1. PROFESSIONALISM - I will serve my querents to the best of my professional ability. I will not provide any legal, medical and financial advice as these are beyond my expertise.

  2. RESPECT & JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE - I will treat all of my querents with equal respect and will not judge their questions or issues that they will be asking during the readings. 

  3. CONFIDENTIALITY - All readings and personal information are completely and strictly private and confidential.

  4. FREEWILL - You are encourage to heed your inner guidance. I shall not impose my beliefs and opinions upon you. You are free to choose which option / choice you think best suits you. Again, cartomancy and astrology readings acts as a guide.

  5. THIRD PARTY - All readings shall be based on you thus I do not accept any third party readings unless it relates closely to your issue.

  6. EMPOWERMENT - The readings I shall be conducting are purely based on what aura or energy you are dispersing. All readings shall be presented with utmost honesty and compassion.


  1. REFUSAL - I have the right to refuse services and queries if I sense and feel that your intention is to prank or troll me, humiliate me, or to test and gauge my accuracy level. I also have the right to refuse services if you are booking again for the same topic (cartomancy reading) without processing the last reading session I gave you. Give yourself at least 1 month worth of inner work so we can check your progress.

  2. PAYMENT - Full payment is required prior to your booking. If you are booking an Astrology Reading Session with me, first payment policy applies. Whoever pays first after booking a slot, gets the slot. For Manual Payments, you are required to settle your booking within the time limit required. Failure to comply within the time limit will automatically cancel your session. This is to give the slot to others who are next in line. Be sure to regularly check your email for confirmation and booking status.

  3. NO CANCELLATIONS - You will not be able to cancel your booking after you have already paid. Chances are I have already started with your reading and have already spent time and energy connecting with you.

  4. NO REFUNDS - All readings and sessions involves energy exchange hence they are nonrefundable. If you are unhappy with your reading or sessions or if you would like clarification, please feel free to contact me at any time and I would be more than happy to work through it with you.

  5. TARDINESS OR NO SHOW - I do not follow 'Filipino Time'. If you are late, your reading will simply be shorter, so as to not keep my next client waiting. You will be charged the same price as originally agreed upon. If you are running late, you must let me know so I can hold your spot for you. Your session will be automatically cancelled and there will be no refund after 10 minutes of your schedule and you still fail to show up.  I do send out a courtesy appointment reminder 15-30 minutes before your reading, however it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your appointment time and date. I will allow rescheduling for one time only if you have notified me days before your appointment date and will email you your new schedule based on my next available slot.

  6. INCORRECT DETAILS - If you have provided me incorrect details and has failed to inform me at least 8 hours before actual session starts, you will be asked to book a new appointment with me with FULL payment again. Astrology relies heavily on the relative position of different planets, the moon and the sun at the time, place and date of your birth. As a reminder, by the end of each booking form you are asked if you 'have provided correct details and have understood my FAQS & Terms...' and have agreed. I do not accept on the spot changes as I need time to study your chart again.

  7. CHANGES TO THIS TERMS & CONDITIONS - I may change, modify, or update this Terms and Conditions at any time and it will be reflected in the pages of which this Terms and Conditions is displayed.


  • Before you book an appointment, I encourage you to read my posts regarding what not to ask the Tarot, and about me pages. This will certainly help you to get to know me and see if we resonate. This will help you prepare for your reading.

  • Always keep an open mind and an open heart.

  • Any reading should never be used in place of professional advice. You should not rely on any reader to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial or medical conditions. If you need guidance in these areas, you must seek out a licensed professional.

  • Readings can only give you guidance on how to cope with a situation on a spiritual level. Readings serve as a guiding tool to give more meaning and greater understanding to the experiences we face, the people we know and meet, the work we need to do, and the forks in the road that we encounte​r.


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Readings are via Zoom.


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