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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

How To Choose Crystals?

There's always a tendency to be overwhelmed when one is shopping for crystals, there are a lot of crystals out there after all. So how would you know what's the best crystal for you? Before we go into that, you need to be able to answer these two whys:

1. WHY DO YOU WANT IT? Are you being peer pressured to buy one? Do you feel the urge to be in the trend? 

2. WHY DO YOU NEED IT. Your answer should be something deeper for this question and would top off your answers for number 1.

It is only natural that we are attracted to crystals. In ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians left references that crystals were used in rituals, while ancient Egyptians used crystals on their jewelry and armour for protection. According to Greek legend, Atlantis used crystals to power machines and their entire city. No matter what reason it may be, it is often believed that its vibrational healing frequencies are the reason why we are drawn to them. 

How to find the right healing crystal for you?

There are many ways on how to choose a crystal and most are intuitive. Here are some suggested steps / tips to help guide your crystal search:

1. ASSESSMENT: You need to assess yourself what type of healing you will be needing. Do not look for crystals for 'marriage'. Assess why you are having problems with your spouse / partner. For example, there is lack of communication in your marriage then you might need to target your Throat Chakra / communication skills. Crystals that are associated with the Throat Chakra are Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Turquoise and Aquamarine or any blue crystals. 

2. RESEARCH: Once you have listed down or once you became aware what you should be targeting for your healing, do your research. You can easily Google them or you can ask crystal professionals (shop owner, Reiki Master, etc.)

3. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION: Choose the crystals that you are most drawn to, these are often the crystals you need for healing. Do not overthink.

4. TRY NOT TO SETTLE FOR LESS: Some crystals can be expensive and prices usually depends on rarity and the location from where and how it was sourced. There are those who would buy a less expensive crystal and ends up with a crystal that is not actually the right fit for them. If you really value inner healing, you should invest.

I hope these steps enlightened you somehow and I hope you seek out your crystals for the right reasons. 

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