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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Unboxing, First Impressions & Review

Review: The Muse Tarot

It's finally here! *squeal* *squeal* *squeal* *squeal* *squeal* *squeal*

WHAT I LIKE: 1. THE ARTWORK & CARD STOCK. I have always love Chris-Anne's work. Her decks are worth waiting and worth the prize. Yes, it is expensive and way beyond my usual budget. How can you not love a 400 gsm cardstock with silky soft matte lamination and gilded edges???

Chris-Anne is truly a gifted artist and sacred creator.

The deck has a vertical box with a lid. You also get an extra postcard from her.

Pink gilded edges. Look how thick that deck is! Chris-Anne is known to have thick decks.

There are extra cards in the deck: first one is a card that explain which suit is which and the second card was another Empress card. The Muses are the Kings and they are in landscape form.


There is no guidebook in the indie version but there's an online guidebook.


I purchased mine on Kickstarter. It only took her a week or less to get her project successfully funded. That's how great her decks are.

You can purchase the Hay House edition here.


I waited for over a year since I first saw it on Kickstarter and it was still in its production process.


It's not 'hate' but more of a challenge to shuffle the cards.

SCORE: ★★★★★


I have always admired / stalked Chris-Anne (on Instagram) since I started this journey. She is so inspiring and very creative in all that she do which makes one aspire to be like her. To me, it's always hands down that whatever deck she releases I have to have it because it never disappoints. Although, I have to be honest it's more than my Tarot budget but as soon as you hold it in your hands, the practical regret fades. If you are a sacred creator then go and treat yourself with the The Tarot Muse for it will be such a great aid in your creation process. Personally, it made me list the projects I need to finish when I started working on this deck. The online guidebook is so informative - probable the most creative guidebook you will ever experience. If you miss the indie version, you can get the mass produced version on Amazon.

That concludes my review of the The Muse Tarot. 

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