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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The Truth About Spell Casting

Spell casting is an activity that is misunderstood by a lot of people who are not involved in spiritual work. This article is inspired by people asking me for Spell Casting services. I wrote in my Instagram profile that I am a 'Sensible Spell Caster' which garnered inquiries asking me how much my Spell Casting services are (I have already taken this down). Now I am aware that there are a lot of good spell casters in our local society but it made me wonder, as consumers who are new and absolutely no knowledge with spell casting, do you really know what you're getting in to?

I ask this question because majority of the inquiries I get confirms my suspicions. They want instant results, they don't take spell casting seriously and they think once paid, it's done.

Let me give you a little walkthrough about spell casting. Now as a disclaimer, anything I say beyond this point is how I do it personally, I am not saying this is what all spell casters do. We are our own Magick and have our own unique way of working with it.

A Sensible Spell Caster

Spell casting is a great responsibility which you should never forget. Magick is neither good nor bad. It is how you wield it. Likewise, it will do you good to remember the Threefold Rule:

When you cast a Magick Spell it comes back to you THREEFOLD.

This is why I do not cast spells for free. To maintain balance there should always be an equivalent exchange. That makes me sound like Ursula getting your voice, Little Mermaid, only I cast spells with the intention for the Highest Good and have no plans or intention of nabbing Triton's throne. Also like The Little Mermaid, the caster and the client will form a sacred contract and both parties should agree to do their part.

I named myself a sensible spell caster because I try to be and shouldn't I be? Who wants a spell caster who just do it for the money without thinking of the consequences? A spell caster should be sensible and provide a positive influence. Having such a great responsibility, I do not offer spell casting services on a whim. I am picky. I decline requests that have shallow intentions which has been a lot lately. Yes, I find most of the requests that I get are shallow but as frustrating as that can be it helps me enlighten clients and hopefully make them realise that casting spells should not be taken lightly. Just because you were ghosted by someone doesn't mean you can just pay me to cast a revenge spell on him. Maybe try to look within and acknowledge the reason on what made him ghost you? Also, let's not forget the THREEFOLD RULE. Do you really want that to come back to you threefold? As the spell caster, I sure don't.

So if you're reading this and plan to hire a spell caster, make sure your intention comes from a good place. Also, I would like to take this opportunity that I am no longer offering spell casting services but I still cast spells for Aurora Night Crystals. I cast spells, cleanse and program all products sold in their crystal arsenal.

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