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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Why You Need A Tarot Website

If you are new to the Tarot Community and starting your Tarot business, you most likely rely on DMs to get clients to book readings with you. However, as you grow your audience, you'll find out that receiving multiple DMs will soon be tiresome. Imagine having multiple DMs from 10 different users and with these 10 users you'll most likely have to answer FAQs back and forth (regardless if you have already set up a reply template). No two users are alike, they would each have questions of their own. If you're lucky, these 10 users will book a reading with you. If not, you lose 10 possible clients - your time and effort wasted and your energy drained. Now imagine those 10 and multiply them by 2, 4, 6, and so on. Can you keep up?

Let us not forget DM pains such as the numerous back and forth communication only to end with a potential client ghosting you and no longer replying when it comes to filling out manual booking forms and settling payments. Also, the social media platform DM glitches and issues where you're not notified that someone has sent a DM and you only notice their messages after a week just the exact time when the client has already lost interest. 

If you plan to grow your Tarot business, it is important that you set up a website just like any other serious business owner. A website can help you gain competitive advantage and improve your business image. Here are reasons why you should start creating your website now:


Understand that your potential client (or any consumer for that matter) are in need of guidance and it will not do them well if they get scammed online. You with your website (if created properly and ethically) will serve as a source where they can read about your bio, your expertise and specialisations, your services, your blog (where you can educate and share your thoughts and wisdom), your contact info and more.


Having a website will increase your reach to anyone in the world, anytime. It can also be a point of contact where customer can easily get in touch with you. Most importantly, having a website makes you look professional & legit.


Providing an easy and convenient way for customers to book a reading or session with you is crucial. In basic marketing, the lesser the 'processes / steps' the most likely you win a customer. No more back and forth communication from manual bookings, reminding clients to complete your booking form, pay on time etc. that sometimes result in client ghosting or client losing interest with your service leaving you drained and frustrated. Likewise, your website should also provide you convenience in booking organisation, scheduling, payments and security.


When you finally set up your website, you can now take it easy and wait for someone to book even while you're asleep. Your only concern now is to think of ways to promote yourself and your new website on social media.

Before I end this article, I just want you to know that I am not forcing you to create one if you do not feel like it or do not see having a website useful in your current set up. Regardless, I hope I was able to enlighten you on the importance of growing your Tarot business.

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