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May 12, 2017

The Tarot Certification Experience

If you're an avid reader, you would know that I started reading the Tarot professionally (2014) prior to this writing. 2016 was a roller-coaster year for me and part of the ride was my discovery that Tarot Certification exists thus making it on my bucket list. It took me months before I finally made a decision to pursue the certification and enrolled myself in a legit Tarot Academy.


1. THE FUNDS. Getting certified can be very expensive and I was actually struggling to convince my practical self to make the first move and just enroll.

2. THE OPTIONS. I did a number of online readings and surveyed people I know and don't know. Apparently, getting a Tarot certification was a hot topic both of which have points to be considered.

  • Most professional tarot readers do not have a certification and feel it isn't necessary but rather entirely optional. So why invest a large amount of money for something that is not necessary?

  • Most clients / querents feel that you as a professional tarot reader with certification assures them that you have the skills needed for the job and that you 'know' what your are doing.

While majority of the professional tarot reader population seemed to be leaning against getting a certification, I opted to certify albeit it took me months to decide and to save money to enroll.



The decision to get a certification was extremely difficult primarily because of the amount I had to invest on it which is against my practical personality.

1. THE MARKET. As I continue with my professional tarot reading services, I've noticed that clients in general (particularly in this part of the globe) are open or excited to get a reading but are hesitant to pay for Tarot or any intuitive or holistic services from someone or anyone most especially if the reader isn't popular. When I got a certification as an Usui Reiki Master, clients are coming in without much effort of marketing myself unlike when I wasn't certified yet. With that being said, assurance is the keyword here. Again, clients (in this part of the globe) are more willing to pay when you are either a popular reader or a certified one.

2. A CONFIDENCE BOOSTER. I mentioned earlier that assurance is the keyword but not just for the clients but for myself as well. I have to admit that getting a certification gives you the 'I can do this' confidence you need and removes the self-doubts we all have.

3. One must not limit herself with the basic knowledge that you have already acquired. Strive for more. Be limitless. I always believe that tarot or any intuitive and holistic readings or healing should be a constant learning process. Remain curious.


1. KNOW YOUR MENTOR. Do the research. You'll be interacting with your mentor during the entire course and getting the vibe or connection with her/him is important. Like any student, you'll learn faster when your mentor is an awesome teacher and taskmaster.

2. CHECK THE CURRICULUM. You may want to make sure that everything is covered. Again, do the necessary research and compare from other schools which are offering the same certification. 

3. TIME. You may think that getting online courses gives you ample time to learn things right away and that's where you're wrong. Your daily grind plus going to online classes after may lead to a tiring experience if you're not good with managing your time.


The Tarot Certification Experience

I have been following Ethony around for quite sometime and felt that her academy was right for me.

Getting a certification is NOT a walk in the park. Believe me. I actually thought that since I already knew how to read intuitively and was already offering professional reading and healing services here and there, getting a certification would be easy peasy - I couldn't be more wrong. You actually get what you invested for. It was entirely a new experience and completely mind-blowing! I was tasked to do activities and practicums to be submitted per week. Juggling my usual daily and on the side grinds plus these classes indeed posed as a challenge. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining - in fact, I love it! I love going to my classes after a long day's work. It helped me achieve the balance I need both in the mundane world and in the outer realms. The activities and practicums I did weekly expanded my knowledge with the Tarot and helped me connect with each cards more. I learned discipline.

The Tarot Certification Experience


When I reached my Week 8 (last week of the certification course), I admitted to Ethony that I was having sepanx (separation anxiety). What I really like about the 'bittersweet ending' is her ongoing support in my Tarot career.

The Tarot Certification Experience

The Gold Certificate

The Tarot Certification was an insightful, fun and worthwhile experience. I love the activities and practicums that comes with it. It made me understand and connect with the cards more. It truly expanded my knowledge of the Tarot. While getting a certification is a hot topic in the Tarot community, I'm glad I did it for reasons I already stated above. 

To end this article, interested in booking a reading from a Certified Tarot Reader? Find out what the Universe has to say about you.

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