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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Tarot Buddy

There are lots of techniques out there that could help you out if you are a Tarot reader novice. One really effective technique, which is what I would be writing in this blog, is having a Tarot Buddy. A Tarot Buddy is someone who you can pair or team up with that could help you with your pursuit in mastering your Tarot reading skills. The key here is finding a Tarot Buddy that have the same goals as you.


  • The Magic Minds Link or MML. Make sure this person has the same vibes, energies, views as you. If you're lucky, you guys could become BFFs or better yet, Soul Sisters!

  • Join Tarot groups, clubs or covens and meet people. Ask them if they would like to be your Tarot Buddy.


  • Empower and build each others' confidence together by doing exchange readings.

  • Do Show and Tells (new decks, new finds, anything you'd love to share with your Tarot Buddy).

  • Know each others strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

  • Share tips and experiences. Meet up in cafes or Skype!

  • Do impromptu Tarot readings using word prompts.

  • Support each other.

  • Try out new Tarot Spreads together. You can find some here.

  • Explore holistic or metaphysical shops together.

  • Join Tarot bazaars, events or fairs.

Checking a new deck out be like...

Comment below if you're looking for a Tarot Buddy. Let's help each other out and have fun reading Tarot! P.S. This blog article got its inspiration from Jenna / @moonlit_faye!

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