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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What Not To Ask The Tarot

Though Tarot reading may be informative and enlightening, its main purpose is to be a guide. While many confuse Tarot reading as all-knowing, there are just some questions you should NOT ask the Tarot.

DEATH: When will I die or How long will I live? There is really no 'guiding' with this type of morbid question. I suggest to consult your doctor should you have any illnesses or if you think there is something wrong with your health.

HEALTH: When will I be healed? Do I have cancer? When will my <insert illness> be cured?  Tarot cards do not have the answers as to when your illness will be healed or when you will regain your 100 percent health. As mentioned above, consulting your doctor is the best choice for this type of question.

LOVERS: Who is my soulmate? When will my lover leave his / her current love? The Tarot can identify what type of person is best suited to you, but it will NOT give you the name of the person. If for instance, you are into a relationship with a married lover, the Tarot will not help you getting them separated so that you could be with your lover. Instead, the Tarot can guide you on how to deal with the situation and help you understand this particular endeavour.

WEALTH / FINANCIAL MATTERS: Will I win the lottery? What are the winning numbers to the lottery? If you really want to win the lottery and get rich fast, you should buy a lottery ticket. The lottery is a game of chance and there is very little that you can do to influence you winning (even if you pray hard). The cards will not be able to help you in this. I believe working hard and doing good will lead you to the leisurely life you dream of.

OVERLY DETAILED QUESTIONS: Who will be the next US President? Who will win the <insert contest name here>? The cards will NEVER come up with the printed name of your soul mate, with the lucky number for the lottery, the next winning candidate and such.

YES / NO QUESTIONS: Will I get pregnant or Will I be a mum soon? Will I win the court case? In general, answering a yes or no is impossible to a Tarot reader.

Keep in mind that Tarot reading provides guidance and can give you insight about your troubles and concerns. If you want to know something specific, try asking in a different way. The focus in Tarot reading is always you. If you are planning to visit a Tarot reader for the first time, you should consider the list above. Remember, your questions should be open-ended and leave you space to discover possibilities and explore different options.

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